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VPE Services appreciates your time, and we ask that you extend us the same courtesy. In order for us to provide the best service possible and be fair to all our clients, we ask that you comply with the following policies. Booking a consultation appointment is your acceptance of these policies.


In order to hire VPE Services for a project, we ask that you email us with a detailed enquiry. Include elements such as, date(s), location(s), genre, and other miscellaneous information. It is vital that you leave your phone number so that we can contact you at a later date. If you see fit, also include when you are available for a phone call.

Our phone call will consist of obtaining a brief rundown of the potential project. Pricing will be discussed at a later date during a formal consultation, but please be aware that we are not a cheap service - we charge what we are worth, and the price is the price. Once we have contacted you by phone-call, we will email you to ask that you book a formal consultation appointment. This process is put in place so that VPE Services can assess potential clients, in terms of their viability.


Consultation Appointments

In order to formalise VPE Services hire, we ask that you book a formal consultation appointment. We generally do not offer services to anyone who has not booked this initial consultation, though there may be extenuating circumstances in some cases. Any and all consultation appointments may be recorded for management and monitoring purposes.

The initial consultation appointment will be used to discuss potential projects, production pipeline, and pricing. A second appointment may be required to finalise any given project, project outline, payment, and pricing. If a project outline is not adhered to, or is changed without our consent and knowledge, this will lead to a non-refundable video cancellation.

In order to book a consultation appointment, your email & PayPal information will be needed and will be kept on file for management purposes. 24-hours prior to your consultation appointment, we will contact you to final confirm your appointment timeslot.

Appointment Cancellations

VPE Services have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel or change your consultation appointment with less than 24-hour's notice of your appointment, you will be charged a fee of £15.00 GBP. This fee must be paid before you reschedule your appointment.

The best way to contact VPE Services directly to notify us of a cancellation, is to email us, or contact us on social media via direct message.

This policy is in place out of respect for the VPE teams time. By cancelling at the last moment or no-showing, you are preventing any other potential clients from being able to schedule a consultation appointment with us for that timeslot.

Late Clients & No-Shows

We understand that ‘life happens’ and you may be late to your consultation appointment. If you think you may be late to an appointment, contact VPE Services one hour prior your appointment timeslot. You can contact us via email or social media direct message to let us know if you think you may be late. Failure to do so will result in a late fee of £15.00 GBP. This fee must be paid before you reschedule your consultation appointment.


If you think you are going to be late to your consultation appointment by more than twenty-five minutes, you will need to reschedule your appointment for a later date and inform us of this change. This will be at no additional cost if you inform us of this change within twenty-five minutes.


VPE Services has a zero-tolerance policy for no-showing consultation appointments. If you no-show your appointment with zero warning, you will be charged a fee of £25.00 GBP and may be refused a future rescheduled appointment. This fee must be paid before you reschedule your appointment.


All fees are assessed for violation of our policies. You will be charged to the PayPal information that you provided. Failure to pay any of these fees will mean that you will be refused a future rescheduled appointment, and possibly product delivery.


Payment for any and all video projects is processed via PayPal invoice. Invoices will be emailed to you prior to payment. A 35% deposit is always required to be paid before any production processes takes place on any project, and should be paid as soon as any materials are sent to us. Your red tape has nothing to do with is, this deposit must be made before VPE Services sets foot on-site for production, regardless of the circumstances.

VPE Services has a variety of payment options, which are usually reserved for recurring and returning clients - though there may be extenuating circumstances. All invoices must be paid in-full before your final product is delivered, otherwise you will be refused product delivery - though this may not be the case for recurring and returning clients.

Pricing & Haggling

Whilst we are more than happy to discuss pricing prior to hire, once an invoice been sent, VPE Services has a zero tolerance for haggling - regardless of the circumstances. The price is the price, and will have been broken down in a detailed manner in your invoice. You will be refused service if you continually attempt to haggle and beat down our prices. If you attempt to haggle or criticise our pricing prior to receiving your final product, you may be refused delivery - and this may lead to a non-refundable project cancellation. Time spent working prior to project cancellation will be non-refundable.


VPE Services appreciates that you may not be able to afford our prices, but this business is also our livelihood. We are not a charity, and a specialised qualified career deserves a specialised qualified wage and salary. Additionally, the costs we incur during your production are your responsibility, and you are responsible for paying for them. This is as much justification as you need as to why your invoice may be a certain figure for specialised qualified work.

Reshoots & Re-Edits

It happens. Sometimes reshoots and re-edits are necessary for the overall quality of the final product. Whether this be the decision of the client or VPE Services, reshoots and re-edits are at an additional cost - and will be invoiced separately.

This policy is put in place merely out of respect for VPE Services time, as we simply cannot, and won't, work for free. Reshoots and re-edits both take time that could have been spent on other projects for other clients, and reshoots also cost money - so it is only fair that VPE Services be reimbursed as such.


Failure to pay the reshoot & re-edit invoice may result in product delivery being cancelled and non-refundable.

Refunds & Video Cancellations

Once materials have been sent to VPE Services for a project, all payments made are non-refundable. Whether or not a project is cancelled by either the client or the VPE team, work is non-refundable on payments already made.

VPE Services will only ever cancel a project if it does not adhere to the project outline agreed upon during the initial appointment(s), and if the client continually breaches our policies.

If you choose to cancel a project before sending footage to us, no payments will be due, and any pre-existing invoices will be cancelled at no additional cost.


Creating projects is a collaborative process between the client and VPE Services. Video production isn't as simple as just pointing a camera and pressing record, video-editing isn’t as simple as just chopping up footage, and photography isn't as simple as pressing a button. Production is a specialised qualified business, and consistent collaboration is required between the client & VPE Services to ensure that you receive the type of product that you envisioned.

You will be required to be in constant contact and communication with VPE Services during the entire production log process. This will include text communication, phone calls, and team meetings. Team meetings will provide an opportunity for the VPE team to show you rough cuts of your project, so you will have the opportunity to provide any feedback if needed.


Upon product delivery, your project may be used for advertising purposes. This includes but is not limited to; demo-reels, portfolio’s, and general advertising - including but not limited to, social media and web-design.


In addition, you can option to review us on Facebook for the use of our services - and are encouraged to provide a testimonial. This will further increase VPE Services' exposure and our advertising, though this is optional should you choose to do so. If you choose to shout out VPE Services, please let us know. Shout-outs are always appreciated but never required.


VPE Services is an inclusive production company business. Inclusivity must be respected at all times.


Any and all discrimination including but not limited to; racism, bigotry, prejudice, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and sectarianism of any kind will not be tolerated, and you will be refused our services with zero exceptions if this policy is violated. 

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