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Your one stop shop for all things videography, photography, and video-editing in Northern Ireland

Past Clients

Featured Projects

In March 2023, Women's Aid Fermanagh held their first ever conference, the Where The Blame Lies conference hosted by Sarah Travers, over two days during International Women's Day - to raise awareness for domestic abuse.

Produced over a six month period, VPE Services was tasked with producing various videos for Women's Aid Fermanagh to both commemorate the conference, and serve as training tools; a twelve hour full conference video, fourteen individual speaker videos, and a twenty-seven minute social media video.   


Featured Projects

In August 2020, the future Monarch Curl L.A., Anita Wilson, hired VPE Services for their services in video-editing and assistant directing, in producing a scholarship video for Anita's cosmetology degree.

Produced over a three week period, VPE Services was tasked with producing - and assistant directing, remotely during covid - a cosmetology scholarship video with a five minute time limit. Through a collaborative process, VPE Services and the future Monarch Curl L.A., tweaked the final product from it's initial fifteen minute rough cut, down to it's final five minute cut.    

Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship Video

Anita Wilson Headshot

In October 2020, ADHD Coach IngerShaye Colzie enlisted VPE Services for their services in video-editing and producing a pre-recorded speech as part of the 2020 ADHD Awareness Expo Conference.

Produced during a six hour crunch, VPE Services produced and edited a fifteen minute conference speech merely hours prior the 2020 ADHD Awareness Expo Conference commencing. This video may not look special, but it is worth noting that it was stitched together consisting of over three+ hours of Zoom footage captured remotely during covid.

Black Women and ADHD Conference Speech Video

IngerShaye Colzie Headshot
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